Syd Marks
Syd Marks was a prolific winner of both local and national events.  1953 was a particular successful year with Syd winning many placings and was a member of the WTTA winning team.  He gained second place in the Bristol Centre "Massed Start" race.  In 1955 Syd was fifth in the Bath RC 100 and a member of the winning team.  His success continued and in 1958 he won the BLRC Senior Road Championship for the second time.  In 1961 he won the Cardiff Mountain Trial for the fifth time.

In the 1980's Syd started the Evening 10's which soon became established and led to the highly popular event that it is today.  Syd was Social Secretary from 1959 to 1984 and in 1989 Syd was appointed president which he held until 1992.  Syd still holds the 100 mile and 12 hour club team records.

Harold Smith
Harold Smith joined the club soon after it was formed in 1932. He was an active competitor but his strength was in the administration of the club.  He held positions of Secretary and Treasurer and was President from 1944 until he died in 1988.  He also served on various local cycling organizations and for several years was on the National Council of the RTTC.  Hw was an eloquent and forceful speaker and commanded respect but a sincere friend.

Ted Saunders
Ted Saunders racing career starting in 1935 when he was second in the Club's Medium Gear 25.  He went from strength to strength winning many events including the WTTA title, leading the club to team victory in 1937 and 1939, eighth place in the classic Bath RC 100 (1937) and the club BAR.  His main claim to fame was in 1944 when he traveled to Yorkshire to win a Bronze in the first post war Nation Championship 50.  At a turn he skidded and fell which cost him valuable seconds and possibly the Silver.  He competed for many years with continuing success.  Ted served as Secretary from 1979 to 1884 and in 1993 was appointed president which he held until his death in 2003 and is still the holder of the club 50 mile tandem record of 2:00:46

Kath Wall
In 1985 Kath Wall set new ladies records at 10, 25 and 50 miles becoming the WTTA Ladies Champion.  During the period of her racing career she was successful with club records from 10 miles to 100 miles and the Club Ladies BAR (1984 - 1991).  Kath also gained many placings in nation events and served as club secretary from 1989 to 1991.  Kath still holds a number of club records.

Bridget Boon
Bridget Boon has been an outstanding rider at long distance events. In 1987 with her husband Ian she set national competition records for mixed tandems at 12 and 24 hour.  She set a new club record at 100 miles and took second place in the WTTA Ladies BAR Championship behind the aforementioned Kath Wall.  Bridget is the only lady to have won the North Road 24. Bridget still holds a number of club records.

Ivern "Digger" Downes
Ivern "Digger" Downes was a prolific winner on the track in the 1950's and dominated the local scene with outstanding successes at local grass track meetings of which there were many.