Evening 10s

Course and Information

The course and HQ is shown by the map shown right. This is the car park of Olveston Sports Club adjacent to the football pitch (BS32 4PF). Toilet facilities are available in the sports club.

Getting to and from start and finish

To reach the start, turn right out of the car park, travel along Haw lane, taking the first right onto the B4461.

To return to the HQ after finishing, continue in same direction to T junction then turn left in the direction of Tockington, then immediately branch right past The Swan Inn to road junction. Turn right then immediately left up Old Down Hill to HQ at top.

Getting a ride

Signing on begins around 6:00pm at the HQ. The entry fee has increased from 2019 due to a levy increase from the CTT. Entry fees are as follows:

  • Severn RC riders – paid up members of the Severn RC – first or second claim
    • £4 entry fee for Severn Road Club first and second claim members
    • £3 for Juvenile and Junior first and second claim members.
    • Note: You can apply to join the Severn RC as a first or second claim rider at the signing on desk or by sending an application form to the Secretary. (Go to ‘Membership’ tab from the home page of the SRC web site.).
  • Guest riders – paid up members of other clubs with paid up 2019 CTT affiliation
    • £5 entry fee for CTT Affiliated Guest Riders
    • £3 for Juniors and Juveniles.
  • CATI riders - riders who are not a member of a CTT affiliated club
    • £5 entry fee for CATI riders
    • £3 for Juniors and Juveniles

CATI (Come And Try It). CATI riders may only ride a total of 3 events before having to join a CTT Affiliated Club to continue to participate in the series. Under 18’s must provide a signed parental consent form.

Entry is ‘on the line’ and is open to riders aged 12 and over. (Under 12s may ride on the back of a tandem.) Riders under 18 must provide a signed parental consent form for the series. Note: A junior rider becomes a Senior in the year of his/her 19th Birthday.

Arthur Powell Competition

This competitions are open to first and second claim Severn and Guest riders. To qualify, riders must have completed at least 5 rides through the series.

The Arthur Powell Memorial Trophy is awarded to the most improved first or second claim Severn RC rider over ten events from 22nd May to 24th July. You get one point for finishing plus extra points given by:

  • No improvement but within 30 seconds PB ………2 points
  • Beat PB by up to 9 seconds ……………………….5 points
  • Beat PB by 10 to 19 seconds ……………………...6 points

And so on.

The Brian Paul Memorial Cup and the Syd Marks Trophy are awarded to the rider (any age) and to the veteran rider (40+ on the day of the ride) with the fastest ride of the series. There are also a number of free rides for the 2019 competition available (described as “ticket to ride” prizes) to those in other age categories and in runners-up positions. The prizes are as follows:

Arthur Powell

1st        Ticket to ride x9, Arthur Powell Trophy, Arthur Powell 2018 cap

2nd       Ticket to ride x6

3rd       Ticket to ride x3

Fastest Senior Rider

1st        Ticket to ride x6, Brian Paul Memorial Cup,

2nd       Ticket to Ride x4

3rd       Ticket to Ride x2

Fastest V40

1st        Ticket to ride x4, Syd Marks Trophy

2nd       Ticket to Ride x2

Fastest V50      1st        Ticket to Ride x2

Fastest V60      1st        Ticket to Ride x2

Fastest lady      1st        Ticket to Ride x2

Fastest LV40     1st        Ticket to Ride x2

Fastest LV50     1st        Ticket to Ride x2

Fastest Severn Rider     1st        Ticket to Ride x2, Severn RC Cap

Course & HQ Map

 DateStart Time
wk 116/04/201918:45
wk 223/04/201918:45
wk 330/04/201918:45
wk 407/05/201918:45
wk 514/05/201918:45
wk 621/05/201918:45
wk 728/05/201918:45
wk 804/06/201918:45
wk 911/06/201918:45
wk 1018/06/201918:45
wk 1126/06/201918:45
wk 1203/07/201918:45
wk 1310/07/201918:45
wk 1417/07/201918:45
wk 1524/07/201918:45
wk 1631/07/201918:45
wk 1707/08/201918:45
wk 1814/08/201918:45
wk 1921/08/201918:45
wk 2028/08/201918:45