Marshalling the UC186B

Calling all Evening 10 riders.

Here is a link to the 2022 Evening 10 Marshalling google sheets.  What seems to happen is it’s a few individuals who give their time more often, but I’d like the load to be shared if possible, so those people can get a ride if they want or get a night off.  So if you ride please consider helping one or two times through the season. It will really help us put the event on for everyone to enjoy.

There are a few jobs we need helpers for:

  1. Prior to the first night, clearing the course.
  2. Prior to the first night or on the first night doing a traffic count for the course, this is needed for the Risk Assessment.
  3. Setting up the course (usually takes 45minutes-1h15).  Obviously this has to be done before the first riders are off but we usually like to have it done before sign-on  17:45.  Not sure what we will do for storing the signage for 2022, we could ask the footy club to store again.
  4. Signing on.
  5. Pushing off – we didn’t do this last year because of Covid but the CTT/BC reintroduced this at some point.
  6. Start timer – optional depending on numbers, if starter can get to finish before first rider finishes both jobs can be done by the one person.  It usually takes about 10minutes to get from the start to the finish lay by/gate entrance.
  7. Right hand turn – Marshal – Mandatory – we have to have a Marshal for this corner.  Also worth noting is we ask all riders respectfully not to cut the corner.  This is really only to make sure we are being consistent with the Marshalls and taking the least riskiest option.